Tiruppur export market open up for 2 billion doller personal protective equipment business

Tirupur has a new business opportunity worth $ 2 billion.

More than 1 million 70 thousand people have died in the world so far due to the Corona impact. Corona has affected more than 24 million 84 thousand people so far. More than 6 lakhs 52 thousand people have been healed. The prevalence of coronary artery disease in India has been largely curtailed by a curfew before the outbreak spread. But the curfew has made the country's economic decline inevitable.

At the same time, Corona has created the need and opportunity for many new businesses. The demand for online grocery merchandise and home delivery services in particular has increased tremendously. Many leading online services companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Big Basket and others are actively involved in this service. Tamil Nadu, the city of Tamil Nadu, which specializes in knitting, has a new business opportunity worth $ 2 billion. It is worth noting that with so many lives being lost by Corona, there are also a few benefits to Corona as good as bad.

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